What we’re about

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IMG_1320editedWe believe that we, teen-20something young women, are in one of the most special seasons of our lives. A season full of transitions, decisions, growth and learning how to love & thrive in this life the Lord gave us. We all have a women that we dream of Becoming. But what I, Lanissa, have realized (& it’s changed my life!) is that our life is a process. That woman we dream of becoming, that relationship with God we long to dive deeper into, this life we crave to love- isn’t found at the end of our journey. It’s found in the middle of the process, and it can start right now- in our young woman stage of life.

You, and I, were #createdtobecome so many things, unique to each of us. Brave, confident, steadfast in the Lord, firm in His love, full of love etc. etc. etc. But as a teen-20something, we can easily forget that God want’s to start allowing us to Become those things right now!

We exist to celebrate and empower teen-20something young women to get comfortable in their own skin and BUY into the process of life that God has for them.

IMG_9649We want to become your resource, your safe place and your corner to come to as a teen-20something young woman. Together we will learn how to get comfortable in our own skin, go deeper in our relationship with God, how to personally encounter and thrive in him, how to get comfortable in our skin and we will seek truths and practical steps that help us maneuver (and ROCK) this teen-20something season of life.

Are you ready to start living your journey with intention as you let God begin your journey of Becoming?! Are you ready to start loving and being confident about your life, as a young women?! And are you READY to get connected to a community of women who are on the same journey as you?!

Welcome, to Becoming Ministries. We don’t want you to just stop by, we want you to join us.

Join us & get connected! Here’s how:


  • Follow us on Instagram, @becomingministries! Find constant encouragement & fun (real life) conversations & ENGAGE/JOIN our community by chatting with us in our comments!
  • Enjoy blog series, devotionals, freebies & bible studies relating to the teen-20something season of life here on our blog. Our BIGGEST request?! Be our friend, and chat with us in our blog comments so we can get in each other’s corner.
  • Subscribe to our blog via email & get exclusive freebies and encouragement!
  • Join us for Becoming Socials (local get togethers), or contact us on how to start one in your local town!

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