10352942_10204132481769444_3829161043260296809_nLanissa Spoon is a 20something, passionate about helping young women celebrate their uniqueness and learn how to encounter and go deeper with God in their own way. With transitions, decisions and discoveries around every corner, Lanissa knows that young women are hungry to know that the process god has for them at this young woman stage of life, is worth buying IMG_5003into.

“God has something special He wants to do, and teach young women in this stage of life.  I have been teaching and mentoring young women for over 8 years, and teach in a way that is relevant, encouraging and challenging. I am no preaching expert, yet I am dedicated to walking alongside young women, and empowering them to take the next step. Go deeper. Be confident. Buy In.”

I would love to get in your young women’s corners and speak empowering life over them. If you would like to book Lanissa to speak at your event, please email: lanissaspoon@gmail.com.


Christwalk Church’s Women’s Ministry Event:


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