3 Heart Savers I Learned After Graduation (that I wish I knew earlier!)

For so many, maybe you too?, it is the season for Graduations or the end of one season and the beginning of another! 2 1/2 years ago I was graduating college with my Bachelor in Ministerial Leadership and I thought my life was about to  t a k e  o f f! And while the Lord was definitely about to enter me into a new season of growth, it did not AT ALL look like how I would have planned (or hoped for that matter!)

The next 2 years after my graduation were filled with unexpected seasons, reality checks growth & steps of faith. The same happened when I graduated High School- my first few years of College were totally not what I expected (think high school sweetheart breakups, transferring schools & struggle to find community). *enter eye roll emoji haha!*

BUT OH HOW good & faithful of a Father we serve. He knew exactly what I needed in my journey and He was there leading & walking beside me the entire time. & He wants to do the same for you friend. The season after Graduation is one of the biggest & most unique- and I don’t want us to miss what He has for us by trying to control, compare or give up hope!


If you’re there friends, or just in the process of entering into a new season- I want to share some things I learned in my season that have saved my heart (& sanity) & that I wish I knew earlier! 

  • Don’t Let Your Expectations f o g Your Mind of What God is Actually Wanting To Do In You

When I graduated from Southeastern & an Internship at Celebration Church I felt extremely capable and like I was without question going to land a job in ministry. I was confident I would not be the college grad everyone talked about that wouldn’t actually get to do what they got a Degree in. *enter another eye roll emoji here ha!*

The funny thing?! I DID get offered an amazing job in Ministry, but I knew without a doubt that it was not where I was supposed to be. So I denied it & the Lord led me into a season of working multiple jobs no where near my interest (YMCA & Real Estate).

But in those 2 years of working those jobs I learned so much about who I was and what I was capable of, that ministry opportunities can be found everywhere, that I could find God richly in the mundane of everyday & that He was most concerned with me Becoming who He created me to be than getting to an end goal (or career).

Expectations aren’t bad, but don’t let them have such control that they fog your mind from receiving what He is ACTUALLY doing instead of what you hope He would. He knows best & what y o u need best! Trust His process & buy into it.


  • Be Confident In What He Has Placed In You & Take Steps of Faith

In this season, in particular, I have seen God urging me so often to take steps (or sometimes leaps) of faith. Now, I’ve learned, this doesn’t mean to rush God. But it does mean that when the Lord opens a space for you to be confident & move forward in someway- that you do it!

In seasons that consisted of things I didn’t understand, I had to always remember what He has placed in me. A love for discipling young women, writing, singing & most of all a calling to pursue Him greater. He WILL create space for you to take steps of faith toward something, even if it’s in doing something to pursue Him greater or loving people better.

Be confident in His spirit & anointing in you- and when He says go. GO.


  • Don’t Wait For Community to Pursue You- You Need It Too Much

This one has been tough for me, because I used to think that my close friends had to be exactly like me (or at least close). Silly right?! So I went many years without many close friends. But we need to have friendships that bring strength to our weaknesses, that help us grow and breath life.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, make it a point to pursue community, whatever that looks like for you. Let yourself get vulnerable, open your heart, laugh & live your life with people who are for you & WANT to be in your corner!

In seasons like this, friendships will help to refresh your soul and keep you going when you feel like giving up.




If you’re Graduating or beginning a new season, I would LOVE to chat with you below. What are some of the things that are weighing most on your heart & what are you hearing from the Lord in this season?!


ALSO! If you’re a College Grad in particular- check out this encouraging Blog Post I wrote when I was actually Graduating: “You’re a College Graduate…now what?!” 


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