Daily Devotions: Methods We Love, Tips & Resources!

Friends, Lanissa here, I am SO excited to be sitting down & chatting with you about a subject that is so dear to my heart yet something I have struggled with (& still do sometimes). Daily Devotions.

What do your daily times with Jesus look like? What methods do you use to encounter His truth & presence? Or maybe you’re like me & have struggled with not only being disciplined to get.out.of.bed in time enough to do a Daily Devotion but then you’re stuck with the, “where do I even start” questions! #reallife


Friends, here’s the truth. There is not one way that you can do a Daily Devotion & the journey can be a messy one. But that’s the beauty. It’s YOUR journey, with the Lord, unique to your relationship with Him. Somedays it’s easy, somedays you have to swim upstream & some days you miss a devotion. But choosing to be invested in your process of spending time with Him is where you will begin to Becoming who He created you to be.

SO I wanted to share some ways I love to do my Daily Devotions (& have found helpful), some tips & resources to empower you to be intentional in spending time with Him each day!

You were created to encounter the Lord through Scripture & alone time with Him. That journey is worth it! Don’t let shame or condemnation of feeling messy hold you back!


Different Ways I do my Daily Devotions

  1. Weekly Topic Dive In

I learned this method when I was getting my Bachelors in Ministerial Leadership & it has been a game changer for me. Each week at the beginning of the week, I sit down and ask the Lord what He wants me to focus on that week. He’ll say all kinds of things (i.e. not being overwhelmed, patience, focusing on His faithfulness etc.) & for M-F I will focus on reading scriptures, commentaries along with those scriptures and blog posts IMG_2362focused on that “topic”. I write down what I feel He is speaking to me as I read and how the Lord is moving through what I experience that week.

THEN on Saturday I spend an hour or so simply reflecting on what I gained & learned that week. I write it down, spend time worshipping and praying and truly try to let it all sink it. & on Sunday, I do it all over for the next week!

Give it a try! :)

2.   SOAP Method

When I first got saved this was the method I used along with my Church’s Daily Reading Plan for my Daily Devotions & I still l o v e it. When I choose which scripture to read (sometimes comes from a reading plan, or the Lord leads me to a passage or I’ll simply pick a book to start in depending on what that book is about or if I haven’t read it much) I write the SOAP method down in my journal.

S– A Summary of the scripture you’re reading | O– Observation. What stuck out to you when reading that passage? What did you observe from what’s being said? |                    A– Application. Here’s where you ask the Lord for insight on how you can practically apply that scripture to your lives. Write it down with some practical action steps. |         P– Prayer. End with writing down a prayer relating to that scripture or for your day!


3. Simple Journaling & Praying

Sometimes my quiet times just include worshipping or sitting in His presence and letting Him fill me up for the day. And most days recently it has looked like simply reading through a chapter or 2 & writing out to the side in my Bible what I’m observing and learning from that scripture. Then I’ll spend 5 min or so praying over my family, world situations, my life etc.

For me the KEY TO any Devotional time is to start off by PRAYING for the Lord to open your eyes and ears to hear Him speak to you as you read. He is the only one who will give us insight & speak what we need to hear!


4. Weekly Devotionals

I have to admit this is one of my favorites! I have written a few weekly devotionals & really love the concept! Our weekly Devotionals include one topic for the week, multiple scriptures to dive into, a weekly challenge or thought provoking question & space to write down your thoughts and prayers! Having an entire week to dive into a topic realy helps it stick for me! SUBSCRIBE to our Blog for a FREE 1 MONTH WEEKLY DEVOTIONAL!


Resources To Help Guide Your Devotions

  • first5UpdatedFirst 5 App by Proverbs 31 Ministries

This App will not only act as your alarm in the morning, but as soon as you swipe to stop the alarm it will take you straight to a Devotional focused on series they are covering that month on the App! You can join in on conversations, go deeper into the topic or just simply do the 5 minutes it takes to complete the Devotion and start your day on the right foot!


I love Brooke & her highlighting method she uses to study the word each morning! Check out her blog post HERE to find out more (maybe it’s a method you’ll fall in love with too!)

  • She Reads Truth Plans


I LOVE these & have done at least 5 by now! Download the She Reads Truth App & you can pick different Bible Plans to do! I love it because it puts a “check” by the day when you’ve completed everything! #listgirlheaven



This Bible is INSANE: charts, daily devotionals, timelines, reading plans for each book etc. It’s the perfect resource for your journey    in learning Scripture! Check it out HERE!



  1. Find a translation that you can understand & that works for you and use it! (I go back & forth between ESV & NLT).

2.  Don’t feel pressure to have your Quiet Times look and feel “insta perfect”! Quiet   Times look different in different seasons– embrace where you are & find Jesus THERE!

3.  Choose to start learning how to wait & listen on the Lord. Sometimes in our quiet times we won’t always hear Him speak but we learn how to simply sit in His presence & soak Him in!



Lanissa Spoon




I’ve created a FREE 1 Month Devo just for you, to help you encounter God. Just click HERE! :)


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