How She Does It: Brooke Wilson


Hi, y’all! I’m Brooke Wilson. Jesus has saved, redeemed, and set me free! I am married to the most incredible man who is currently in medical school while I am working at a school and coaching! Raised a Texas girl, but am now living in Tulsa, OK. Lover of all things blush, gold, pb&chocolate, and active.


Tell us a little about your Blog/Shop Living Unshackled & your heart behind the community there!

Living Unshackled is a place where I want women/girls to learn how to live fully in the freedom that Christ has purchased for us. I am so passionate about women living in this freedom and then teaching and bringing other women along with them on the journey! Currently I have a new free “Adulting” Devo that has just come out, and then two Bible study journals and one mug. My desire is to continue to write and create in order to draw women into a closer relationship with the Lord and with each other. Excited to humbled to see where the Lord would take us together!


As a 20something, how are you learning to get comfortable in your own skin?

Learning to be myself has honestly been one of the biggest things that I have learned in this past year. The Lord has been so sweet to really shape my thoughts and attitudes about myself. He has reminded me that he created me with specific gifts and a specific purpose that literally no one else ever could live out! HOW COOL? So living in that truth has allowed me to be more of who He created me to be.


Tell us some tips on how you study the bible and encounter God’s presence?

The Bible studying journal in my shop contains one of the main techniques that I use to get into the word. Basically, I pick a book of the Bible & read about a chapter a day. As I’m going through I’m praying for understanding, highlighting in a system, writing notes, and then finding the practical application. I think that practical application part is huge; we often read it, gain some wisdom and then walk away. We have to be doers and not just hearers—so practically applying is huge.


You’re a 20something who influences young women everywhere to pursue freedom in Christ- what is the biggest thing that you feel has been a shackle in your life? And what truth can you speak to that?

Insecurity & anxiety have been two things that have gripped me for as far back as I can remember. But here’s the deal, Christ paid the price to break those chains. So I don’t have to be defeated by them anymore, I can overcome. That’s truth. God has been walking me through what that looks like practically to overcome those areas of sin.


What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for you and your hubby on busy nights?

Mmmm. Love me some cooking, especially the quick-prep kind! We love fajitas – easy and healthy. We also love this easy spicy sausage pasta recipe. And homemade pizza night too! Takes no time and is so fun


Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow for Inspiration, and why?

Ahh! There are so many great ladies out there who I love to follow. My fav right now might be @Jennsprinkle. She is just so fun and real and loves Jesus. And one of my favorite things ever about her is that she is constantly cheering on the other sisters in her life! She is a true friend. Love it.


What’s one dream or goal you have & how have you had to be bold and go after it? Any tips on taking leaps of faith?

Starting Living Unshackled was a goal in itself and now writing a book is another. Both of which I’ve finally taken steps towards. Honestly, I like to play it safe most of the time. But God never calls us to play it safe. Over and over in scripture we see radical acts of obedience. We are called to abandon all else, take up our cross, and follow Him. That’s been my driving force behind the boldness…Jesus called us to a radical & “unsafe” life.


What’s your favorite beauty secret?

Coconut oil in the hair!! I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for centuriesss it feels like & I have really slow growing and brittle hair. Applying organic coconut oil over night to my hair a couple times a week has helped SO much with shine, durability, and growth. Woohoo! Try it!


You’re a newlywed! Any funny moments with your new hubby or advice for new 20something wifeys?!

My advice would be to embrace being his helper! Find ways to help him and love on him. Be creative. Also, drop the expectations at the door! They only lead to frustration and unrealistic pressure on your hubby. Marriage is so fun, enjoy being married and young :)!


What traditions or routines are you trying to implement into your lifestyle?

Currently trying to make praying for others a daily 30 minute routine. I realized I pray often, but it’s mostly for my husband and myself. There are SO many people in my life that need to be covered in prayer, and I want to love and steward those relationships well that the Lord has given me. So, I made a chalkboard in our home with different categories of current prayer requests: family, friends, The Church, other. I bring that out and sit and pray through them. It’s been such a good challenge for me to love others.


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“How She Does It” is a Blog Interview we do 1x a month, featuring Inspiring and Godly teen-20something women from around the world! We want to know tips, secrets and insight on how other young women live their life well and pursue Christ intentionally. Doing this young woman stage of life together is what we’re all about- empowering each other and becoming confident enough to live out these years well!


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