Simplify Your Goals & Enrich Your 2017

Every new year on January 1st I sit down somewhere in a Coffee Shop bright eyed and bushy tailed! Ready to make a list of goals for the year that is probably a bit too large for me to tackle each goal excellently. You too?

Not because of lack of motivation or the inability to dream. I seldom reach my goals because of the unrealistic expectations I place on myself. I want to accomplish so much, become a better woman in so many different areas- and while that is all so so good, this year I felt like the Lord was really speaking to my heart about simplifying, creating margin & enriching my life (rather than only wanting to improve it). 


[Simplifying]: allows us to hone in on the primary calling or focus God is asking us to work on this year.

[Creating Margin]: making sure we aren’t over committed, our houses over full or our expectations too high – that we miss taking time to sit and enjoy the things that matter. Creating margin looks like making room to hear from God and appreciate what/who He has blessed us with.

[Enriching Our Life]: What is going to truly enrich your life? Going to the beach more, spending more time with the Lord, taking a step of faith in your dreams or being more intentional in your friendships? Enriching our lives means taking inventory of our goals and actions so that they are enriching our lives and not enslaving us. Christ came to set us free!

My goals for this year? To Become more disciplined (in the little things, in spending time with Jesus, physically, lifestyle etc.), to take steps of faith and at the end of the day to LOVE GOD GREATER. And if I only accomplish one, I hope it’s the last one.

Because here’s the thing friends: simplifying and enriching our lives starts and ends with remembering who we are in Jesus. He isn’t asking us to be perfect, or achieve #allthethings. At the end of the day He is simply wanting us to draw near and create room for Him & remember our identity no matter how our year folds out.

Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you, that which was also in Christ Jesus”.

It’s so simple but so powerful! Simplifying our goals starts with simplifying our mindset. What we love? Jesus didn’t complicate things. He knew who He was, He walked in His God given identity & then followed the Father’s lead step by step. That’s it. And out of that flowed all He needed to live an enriched life.

What do you want 2017 to look like for you? Full of stuff, busyness and goals that may get you places but leave you feeling empty and thirsty? Or full of goals and daily decisions that enrich your life and relationships? We crave the later. And we know that an enriched 2017 comes when we simplify so that we can create room for Him & what He is calling us to.

3 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Goals for 2017:

1) Remember Your Identity & Pause for Reminders

 Make the decision this year to always start and end your day here. Choosing to lay down fear, anxiety and pressure to succeed at his feet. So you can pick up his love and acceptance. Take time, maybe 15 minutes each day, to sop what you’re doing and surrender it all to Him. Remember what life was like before you we’re in relationship Him & thank Him for where He has brought you today. Speak out loud over yourself that your accomplishments do not define you, but that Christ’s love for you defines you. 

2) Simplify your goals, space & schedules

What is the overlying theme God is wanting you to focus on this year, or is it a few? If a goal doesn’t  align under those themes, eliminate it for now. Not forever- just for now. Then start to carve out room to breathe, enjoy and embrace this year. We’re talking cleaning out your house and the clutter & excess you may have. Creating more room in your schedules and calendars by not committing to as much and organizing when you do what.

Make room so that you aren’t so overcrowded that you miss the blessings and whispers God is wanting to give to you along the way.

3) Enjoy the journey

We all have goals in our lives that we would love to come to pass but at the end of the day it’s not even about the goal. It’s about Becoming more like Jesus along the way. God is more interested in your process than your goal or dream. Because it’s in the process where we grow closer, gain wisdom & experience and Become the woman He created us to be. Don’t stress, don’t worry- He has you. Just lean in and follow Him.


What is God asking you to focus on this year? Is it one theme or maybe multiple simple things that will enrich your life? What are some steps you’re going to take to embrace your identity in Christ along the way? Comment below & we will chat back with you!


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