How She Does It: Mckenzie Fussell


Howdy! I’m McKenzie Fussell. I’ve been married for nearly 3 years and still have a major crush on my sweet hubs. We live in Fernandina Beach, which also happens to be the town we both grew up in and where our families live. I’m the Community Development Director for a Stationery company – Emily Ley & I also write a Lifestyle Blog called Somethin’ Southern. I love Jesus, good seafood, Southern style, and every shade of blue! I’m thrilled to be joining y’all today!
Tell us a little about your lifestyle blog “Somethin’ Southern”  & your heart behind the community there!

Somethin’ Southern (previously Winsome & Gold) started out as a creative outlet about two years ago where I wrote about newlywed life and the people, places, and pieces that brought me inspiration. When I started the blog I was finishing up undergrad, my husband was in ministry school, we had both started new jobs and we were still in our first year of marriage. We were definitely BUSY and it was so nice to take a little time out from my week to get creative and connect with like-minded women. The blog has since grown into something bigger – I like to see it as an online community of gals who share my heart for the South, family, and style.


As a 20something, how have you learned to get comfortable in your own skin?

Well, I’m definitely still learning about this one! I think the root of it is knowing your identity in Christ and re-affirming that identity everyday. It’s also invaluable to surround yourself with friends and family that will encourage you in who you are. It’s easy to get caught up in the picture-perfect bubble of social media (I would know because I spend much of my workday on social media!) so knowing who you are in Christ is crucial to getting comfortable in your own skin.


Tell us some tips on how you study the bible and encounter God’s presence?

I try to carve out time each morning to set a tone for the day. Some days that looks like a significant amount of time reading my bible, praying, and just resting in His presence. Other times that looks like a 5min devotional (I’ve read so many good ones – so y’all fell free to reach out if you need a recommendation!). Whatever the day looks like and however I get it in, soaking in His truth each morning makes for a fruitful, fulfilling day.


 Looking back at 2016 what is the biggest thing you have learned?! Also, any embarrassing moments? ;)

Rest isn’t optional – it’s essential to my survival! Ha! I’m definitely still learning about this one but I’m so thankful God helped me realize how valuable it is to myself and my relationships.

I’m a total dork sometimes, so embarrassing moments are a regular occurrence around our house. Funniest moment would have to be when I was driving my BFF, Catie to her wedding in November and forgot to take a look at my fuel gage prior to pulling out of the driveway. We got about a mile down the road before running out of gas. Now picture a bride (in her gorgeous white dress!) and MOH standing on the side of the road trying to flag down help so we can’t get to her wedding. We’ll never forget that one! ;)


What’s an easy dinner that you are constantly whipping up for you and your hubby on busy nights?

Typically I swear by my crockpot for easy dinners but when I forget to use it (or forget to turn it on, but leave ALL of the ingredients inside ready to go- haha! It happens!) Kabobs are my go-to. Publix sells chicken & veggies on kabob sticks, all you have to do is season them, preheat the oven, and bake those bad boys!


Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow for Inspiration, and why?

For everyday inspiration, I love @AshleeProffitt, and @LaraCasey.

For creative inspiration, I adore @StudioMcGee, @SouthernLiving and @SarahTucker  just to name a few!


What’s one thing you’ve really struggled with as a young woman? And what truth can you speak into that?

Doing #AllTheThings. I’m a big dreamer with lots of exciting goals & ideas. That’s not a bad thing, in fact I think that passion comes from the Lord, but in the past I’ve said yes to too much at once. The truth here – you can do all the things at once, but if you try to do all the things at once, you won’t do any of them well. Focus only on the things that matter, and do those things really well.


What’s your favorite beauty secret?

Invest in quality, organic skincare products. There are SOOOO many awful chemicals in many drugstore beauty products, so be extra cautious of what you’re using on your skin. You can find a few of my favorite products RIGHT HERE!


You’re married, a recent home owner & you just moved back to your home town! Any tips or advice for other young women finding themselves in transition?

For me personally, I’m learning to be much more selfless in times of transition. Big transitions usually take a harder toll on my husband than they do on me – so I’m learning to be much more considerate of his needs during times of transition.


Working with Emily Ley, how have you learned to manage your life well as a young woman?

Emily is an amazing example of someone who intentionally manages herself well, so that she can love her people well. If she’s taught me anything it’s that prioritizing family is what matters most and there are practical applications to make that happen!


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“How She Does It” is a Blog Interview we do 1x a month, featuring Inspiring and Godly teen-20something women from around the world! We want to know tips, secrets and insight on how other young women live their life well and pursue Christ intentionally. Doing this young woman stage of life together is what we’re all about- empowering each other and becoming confident enough to live out these years well!


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