How She Does It: Katie Lipps of Hosanna Revival


Let me paint a picture for you: I’m a Cincinnati-bred, 21 year old who loves 100 lb dogs and December. I converted from a full time business student to a full time painter after dreaming up Hosanna Revival in June of 2015. I’m overly curious and driven by emotions, compassion, feelings and meaning. Above all, Jesus is all I have to offer, all I want to offer and the only name of victory I will ever claim.


Tell us a little bit about Hosanna Revival and your heart for that community!

In June of 2015, I began Hosanna Revival. I got the idea after studying abroad in Spain for half a year. I loved, read and cherished my bilingual Bible. This Bible was many things, but one thing it wasn’t, was pretty. After 6 months of staring at the plain black cover, I thought, “Hey. I can paint. Let’s see if I can make this thing match how it makes me feel”.

I immediately saw the ministry that this Bible could become. I am convinced that a beautiful Bible can lead even the darkest of hearts to crack it open and consider the words inside of it. I am convinced that an active Christ follower will be drawn to the foot of the cross each morning by scripture within their precious tool. Above all else, I am convinced that the words inside of this timeless book will revive this nation. Hosanna Revival exists for the sole purpose of drawing people to the word of God. This is our revival.


As a teen-20something, how have you learned to get comfortable in your own skin?

Getting comfortable in my own skin only started happening, not when I learned what God thinks about me, but when I actually started living like that information was true. Every day, I actively have to fight against thoughts of inadequacy and lies in my head about how others perceive me —what the world tells me I am. I fight those thoughts with the truth that in the eyes of my creator: I am blameless, set apart, so lovely, and unequivocally cherished.
 Tell us some tips on how you study the bible and encounter God’s presence?

When I’m “in the groove”, every morning, my time spent in the word is so special. Maybe I’m working through a devotional or reading through a chapter. The problem is when I finish whatever I was working through. and my “groove” is broken, more often than not I go through a period of time where am not feeling close to God, so I choose to not open my Bible.

Breaking this cycle is HARD. The best way I have found to dig myself out of this hole, is to read a Psalm a day in addition to whatever I am currently reading. That way, when my planned study is over, I can continue opening up to psalms each morning. I have been so encouraged by the uplifting nature of the Psalms, that I am held close to God while I decide what to study next!
Favorite Fall tradition & treat?!

I love the cool air. I try to be outside as often as possible.The fall also gives me an excuse to explore even more cafes to try their ciders.


Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow for Inspiration, and why?

I am so encouraged by the writing and beautiful photos of @julia_allspaw. She is an incredible writer and has a heart set on truth, love and honesty. Julia is a dear friend of mine, so she will probably smack me for saying this, but man do I think her words are worth sharing.


If you could look back at your life, what is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

I didn’t begin following Jesus until after my senior year of highschool; my oh my I would have a lot to say to myself. I think I would begin by trying to convince myself that perspective can change everything. I would beg myself to look at life through two lenses: life is eternal, and that you are loved more than you can imagine.
When you approach your failures, victories, doubts and anxieties through these lenses, you can focus on the things that matter and begin living the full life that you were called to.


What’s one thing you’ve really struggled with as a young woman? And what truth can you speak into that?

I deeply struggle with the concept of rest. I crave it so deeply. I pray for it, and the Lord gives me opportunities for it. I don’t take them. I work myself ragged. This seemingly dumb situation is rooted in my obvious fear of failure. My fear that I, not God, am going to be the one to make the world turn. The truth is, that calling out these fears and inviting God to take control of my life day after day is the only way that these chains will be broken and I will live in rest and freedom.

We would rather find rest basically anywhere else. The places we seek rest outside of the Lord will grow feelings of doubt and anxiety and imperfection until we can release our grip and let Him calm our tired souls.


What’s your favorite beauty secret?
I have really curly hair. Taking care of it is hard, and feeling good about how it looks is even harder.  About a year ago I found a cream made by Shea Moisture called “the curl smoothie” that I absolutely LOVE. It tames the mane, and smells like a real life coconut.


Fashion trend you are think will be over SOON?

I am crossing my fingers that anything with a chevron pattern is on it’s way out. I am a firm supporter of neutrals, solids, and natural patterns. Heaven help us, and take away the chevron!


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“How She Does It” is a Blog Interview we do 1x a month, featuring Inspiring and Godly teen-20something women from around the world! We want to know tips, secrets and insight on how other young women live their life well and pursue Christ intentionally. Doing this young woman stage of life together is what we’re all about- empowering each other and becoming confident enough to live out these years well!


4 thoughts on “How She Does It: Katie Lipps of Hosanna Revival

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you Katie for following the dream that God gave you! I was forced out of a rut when I got my hand-painted Bible for my birthday. It has changed my life! <3

    • thebecomingministries says:

      Love this Amanda!!!! Thank you so much for commenting! I seriously love your story about your how having own bible changed so much for you!

    • thebecomingministries says:

      Hi Tess!! Thank you SO much for commenting- we hope you’ll join our community here, we would love to keep getting to know you!

      You can visit Hosanna Revivals Etsy shop- the link is in their Instagram profile. Katie restocks every Monday and explains all the details in Instagram Posts and on her Etsy Shop! Hope this helps!

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