Finding Your Way to His Presence: In Prayer


 We are SO excited to start this Devotional Series with you for the next 2 weeks- all about Finding Our Way to God’s Presence. As young women, our lives are constantly changing, transitioning and full of decisions. Can I get an Amen?! We’re growing, we’re learning, we’re Becoming. But in the middle of it all- we have to have our safe place. The Presence of God.

The Presence of God is the ONLY place that is completely safe, completely loving, yet also gives us exactly what we need when we need it. We want to empower and resource you, #becomingtribe, to learn how to Find Your Way to God’s Presence in different ways in the middle of your journey. 

 “Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer” (Romans 12:12)

Wow, that just hit me right in the chest. Can I get really honest with you #becomingtribe? I’m so guilty of not being persistent. Prayer is one of the most intimate ways that we can encounter God’s presence. Jesus made time for it. Jesus knew it’s worth. It’s powerful and so crucial in this journey of Becoming the woman God called us to be. 

And yet here I find myself, oh so often, just praying here and there as if it’s just an optional “cherry on the top” of this Christian Life- when really it’s a building block of Finding Our Way to the Only Living God! 

Anyone with me?! So I ask myself why aren’t I persistent in prayer?
My answer, and I know you may be able to relate with me, is because I’m so extremely selfish and so easily caught up in my “busyness”. It’s harsh. It’s the truth, and friends it’s an excuse from the Enemy. 
Anyone else ever feel like prayer that actually works has to come from a Christian who has it all together? Or experience the feeling that if we’ve spent too much time away from Him, that spending time in prayer will only bring condemnation?
The enemy would love to hinder us from experiencing the sweet intimate presence of God, any way that he can. But oh friends, the love and strength and steadfastness of God’s love for us surpasses every hindrance in the enemy’s play book! 

Prayer wasn’t meant to be only for the eloquent. It’s for you, and me, at any time. ANY. But how do we position ourselves to find His presence in prayer?

We allow ourselves to be free. Be brave and come to God in prayer as the full version of you. Get to a quiet place, even if it’s just quieting your spirit in a crazy environment. Take a deep breath. And let it all go. Express your feelings, your thoughts- ask Him for what you feel you need. 

And then. Just sit and listen. Power in prayer comes when we realize that prayer isn’t for God- it’s for us. God knows exactly what we need emotionally and physically. Let him know how youre feeling- get it off your chest- but always allow yourself to trust that what God chooses to do in your situation is the best answer to your prayer. 

It’s time we get back to our first love, friends. It’s time to start seeking God so that His heart can become ours. It’s time to start praying more consistently. Our hearts need to know He hears us and is faithful, even if it looks differently than we hoped. We need to know God and feel Him in every season. So that our faith can be built up. 

Today’s Challenge: Let’s go deeper together. Comment your answer to this question below &I we will chat back with you! What is holding me back from being persistent in prayer?! Then take 15 minutes this week to get alone and be Free with God in prayer. Talk, listen, receive and trust! And see what He has to say to you. 

Makaela & Lanissa





9 thoughts on “Finding Your Way to His Presence: In Prayer

  1. Cassidy Lucas says:

    something that keeps me from being persistent in prayer is my crazy schedule! it seems like nothing ever stops and I can’t give God the full attention He SOOOO deserves! something that helps me when I feel consumed with the tasks around me is knowing that God will help me to prioritize Him. although I already know how important it is to communicate with Him, He realizes that life doesn’t slow down for you and standing steady in the moment and just stopping to pray is what makes you stronger as a person and in faith. absolutely loved the first part of this devo! thank you Lanissa and Makaela! always love what you have to say 💗

    • thebecomingministries says:

      Cassidy, you are full of so much passion for the Lord and it is captivating! Thank you SO MUCH for commenting- it means the world to us. You are not alone, busy schedules get the best of me (Lanissa) so so so often too. There are so many things I want to do (workout, clean, spend time reading a book, spend intentional time with the Lord)- but as soon as I get home I’m like “I just want to rest or go do something fun!”. But one of the things I have learned recently is that God knows our schedules, and He knows where He has placed us at this point in our lives. And He has grace and resting space for us there. Praying consistently really looks like us consistently giving our thoughts and hearts to him throughout our day!!


  2. princesacat says:

    First of all, thanks so much for this. Can definitely relate to all of it. I think one of the things that keeps me from being persistent, is just the fact that God doesn’t answer right away. Sometimes its discouraging. Even though, I KNOW for a fact, that God answers it’s still disheartening when I pray for God to show me something, anything and nothing happens, nothing changes. But I know that God is good, and He is God and I trust Him. I just need to go deeper in prayer.

    • thebecomingministries says:

      princesacat, THANK YOU so much for reading and commenting, we absolutely love it when you do! I (Lanissa) love your honesty, thank you so much for being transparent. That can definitely be a bit discouraging, but what I have learned is that it really isn’t about God answering prayers the way I want Him to. I’ve learned that His was are truly higher and better than my ways. Prayer, for me, has become the foundation for my trust in Him. I can look back and see that He was silent sometimes, sometimes He answered right away, sometimes He answered YEARS LATER- BUT His way was always so so much better than anything I could have created. Going deeper in prayer won’t change His perfect ways- but it will begin to build an unshakable trust and intimacy with Him! And that’s what’s life changing!


  3. Amanda says:

    I think that I usually am so involved in every moment that I have a hard time separating myself for a period of prayer. Although I have gotten better. I read “The Shack” a month ago, and this book helped me pray. In the book, God says something like, “I know everything about your life, but I still love to hear it from your perspective!” The change that this one quote made in my life was huge, but there’s still room for improvement! :)

    • thebecomingministries says:

      Amanda, THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting!! We absolutely love it when you do because this is what it’s all about- community!!

      And I (Lanissa) love that quote so much, and totally relate with you in having a difficult time sometimes making “time”. For me I think I just don’t have a grasp on how important it truly is. You know? I see the importance in my work, and family and even shopping lol but I haven’t become dedicated enough to where I KNOW for myself it’s immense value. That’s hard, but its the truth. I want to get to that place where my very being knows the power in being in constant communion with the Father. I am praying with you that you would too in your own journey!


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