STEADY | Live Unwavering Through New Seasons: When It Gets Hard FREEBIE

WOW! We have absolutely loved this series so far. Being steady in our spirits and seeing it play out in our reality is something I know I (Lanissa) really, truly long for. I don’t know about you, but one of the most disheartening things is to feel like I am all over the place. And not in the imperfect, messy type of way- because friends, sometimes that is haha amen?!

But in the far from God, focusing on all the wrong things type of all over the place. And the truth? It happens. Right?! But the even better news, is that God created us to be steady and it begins with simply coming as we are- and getting close.

So far we’ve talked about Practical Steps on how to Prepare To Be Steady & how to actually Carry It Out – make sure you check them out for some encouragement and real life conversation from our hearts to your!



Living Unwavering is a noble task. One that takes bravery and boldness. One that takes community and loving yourself even when you feel like a mess. One that takes spending time with the Lord, even when you’ve put it off for a while. We’re pursuing living steady. But what happens when being steady, get’s hard?

Ever been there?! When getting out of the bed seems hard, when being joyful feels hard, when staying faithful and staying close seems hard. We’ve been there, we know how it feels and we know how the enemy can try to use the hard moments- to tear us down.

But oh dear #becomingtribe, be encouraged and full of hope- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are in this thing together. Moments of difficulty do not mean that you are out for the count. They mean that you are in the perfect position for a God encounter.

God will never abandon you, in fact He wants to meet you right in the middle of the hard. He wants to love you HARD in the middle of the hard.


So as we end this sweet Steady Series, we wanted to give you a FREEBIE to help you when being steady gets hard!! For the tough days, reach for this and read a relatable scripture, receive an encouragement straight from our heart to yours and then end by speaking out a prayer we provided you!



How fun is that?! We loved creating it, and hope you’ll be so encouraged as you use it. Simply click on the link below and download to your device!

We love and believe in you! Let’s continue to be STEADY!

LET’S CHAT BELOW: Let us know if you enjoyed the freebie below, and if you’ve been there when being steady has gotten hard! What did you learn from those h a r d times?!


Lanissa Spoon



2 thoughts on “STEADY | Live Unwavering Through New Seasons: When It Gets Hard FREEBIE

  1. Cassidy Lucas says:

    thank you so much for this post! I can definitely relate to those hard moments where life feels like a balance beam and staying steady is definitely a challenge! I’ve been feeling like a rut is starting to form in my new season but I know I can get out of it with my amazing community rooting for me and my relationship with the Lord continually growing! I love you guys and this series!

    • thebecomingministries says:

      Cassidy, thank you SO SO much for commenting, we absolutely love when you do!!

      You are not alone, I (Lanissa) feel like that rut always tries to creep in. But we are overcomes because the One who overcame the world lives in us! YOU CAN DO THIS, and we believe in you! We so hope this freebie helps you when you feel like that rut sweeping in. And always let us know if we can pray for or encourage you. Love you girl!

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