Our BIGGEST NEWS YET: Becoming Ministries Instagram!

OUR BIGGEST NEWS YET, launched today!!! The Lord has been pushing us to be brave and obedient to take Becoming Ministries to the next level, and my friends this next level step is PURE GOODNESS.

This is the dream. You are our heart. We want to create a place where young women, all over the world, can come and get resourced, encouraged and connected to a community of girls in the same stage of life as them! A place to have real-life conversations about this young woman season, a place to learn how to go deeper in our relationship with Him, a place to learn how to become confident in our uniqueness- and most importantly get connected with other girls just like us!

Welcome, to the Becoming Ministries INSTAGRAM @becomingministries!!!

This isn’t for us, its for ALL of us! Make sure you go on Instagram and follow @becomingministries! We could not be more excited!! This is our place, friends.

I, Lanissa, have a deep deep desire to make Becoming be the resource and safe place for young women. And this Instagram will allow you to get more constant encouragement, engage with us in comments, connect with other girls and so much more!

JOIN THE PARTY- Come follow us at @becomingministries and share it with your girlfriends who you know need a ministry & community like this too!

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s only the beginning! (ah!)



The Becoming Ministries Team



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