The Community Series: Holli’s Story- Becoming a Woman Who Lets God Turn Her Mess Into Beauty

Welcome back sweet friends!!! In case you haven’t noticed, we took a 2 week break within this Community Series because… well… I GOT MARRIED! What?!?! Yeah, definitely still surreal. There is so much I cannot wait to share with you in a Relationship Series coming soon. BUT I am beyond thrilled to continue this Community Series this week with another guest blogger who has one of the best testimonies I know, not to mention a super fun personality. Holli is a momma of 3, and I know that the Lord wants to speak to you through this. See her story below.

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Becoming a Woman Who Let’s God Turn Her Mess Into Beauty

The type of woman I’ve always wanted to become is one of integrity, complete honesty, gentleness and staying humble at all times with a whole lot of patience. I want to be a mother that my daughters respect and look up to.

One that won’t settle for mediocrity, and continues to persevere towards Jesus.

With all of those qualities being named I believe that’s exactly why the lord has given me three daughters to raise. Now as a single mother, days aren’t easy but constant learning and embracing the process are necessary in order to become the woman God has designed me to be.

As a teenager and young adult my identity was found in the approval of others (anyone else?!) and always having a man by my side. I was having sex before marriage, drinking, involved in drugs and actually got pregnant outside of wedlock. I didn’t grow up in church so the places I looked for a relationship were outside of the church and in bars. These were the places, unfortunately, that I was forming my opinion of my identity.

In the midst of that season of my life, I found myself in a situation of getting married because I thought it was ” the right thing to do”, since I was pregnant out of wedlock (even though unhealthy patterns were showing in the relationship previously).  So there I was married when my daughter was 4 months old to someone I never even asked God about in the first place.

2 years into the marriage I found out I was again pregnant with twin girls. And now here I am flash forward 5 years later divorced with three sweet little girls to raise on my own, because I never inquired of God in the first place.

Holli and girls

To see how even in my sin, God’s grace has literally been the glue that’s kept my girls and I together and still seeking him through the disaster this divorce has been amazes me. He knew as wild as I was back in the day that I needed not one, or two, but three little girls to guard the door when I was ready to walk out and cast my cares into the world instead of Him. His grace is sufficient for you today. I look at my daughters and now that I’ve been walking with the Lord,  I want to be an example for them. I want those girls to never settle for mediocrity. I press on toward Jesus for these sweet little girls, and we will wait and inquire of God for the purpose filled spouse He has for us.

Which brings me to my next point: There is absolutely no way I would have come through this divorce with three small little girls if it wasn’t for community walking this thing out with me. You should know today that Satan would love nothing more than for you to feel isolated, alone, and scared out of your mind. God has placed certain people around you on purpose.

Sweet girls, do not buy into the LIE that you are alone today. I found people I trusted who loved me enough to speak truth to me, lend an ear for me to cry in, and hold me accountable – and I walked life out with them.  I didn’t just attend church, read some blogs here and there- I had to get committed to community in order to receive its benefits. Community kept me standing. Community encouraged and empowered me. They loved me in my worst and my best days.

We were built for relationships and aren’t meant to walk this life out alone. This is what we at Becoming Ministries are all about- forming an online community of teen-20something girls just like you. We want to encourage, celebrate and empower you to get comfortable in your own skin and learn to EMBRACE the process God has in store for you in this young woman stage of life.


 As a guest blogger let me just say, don’t be afraid to open up in this community.  Behind every beautiful made up face , and cute outfit is a story that may blow your mind. It’s vital to have community in your walk with Jesus. You will be surprised how much you relate with someone once you make yourself vulnerable. There’s no way I would have come out of this divorce raising three little girls if it wasn’t for people literally loving me towards Jesus. The bible says we will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

 If Satan can trick us into keeping our story a secret Jesus can’t boast in our mess. Allow God to completely transform your mess into a message as you walk this thing out with people who love and care about you. Jesus never promised easy, but he promised to never leave nor forsake us. There’s hope in him today. Rest in him, and know that your story matters and is being beautifully written as we speak.

How can you get connected to our online community? By chatting with us in the blog comments below and subscribing by email to our blog (plus get a FREE devotional) HERE.

With sincere love,

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LET’S CHAT BELOW:            

Have you ever felt like your mess was just too big for God to actually redeem it? Have you ever felt out of place or alone? What did you learn from this post and how are you going to do to get into a community today?!


3 thoughts on “The Community Series: Holli’s Story- Becoming a Woman Who Lets God Turn Her Mess Into Beauty

  1. Amy Woodard says:

    Please know you are meant to do this job! Your words although not directly spoken to me, have spoken to me on many occasions. Your approach is from a place of authenticity that makes a hard message soft to hear and a hard heart soft. Your words have challenged me to think differently about my relationship with myself and my relationship with God.

  2. Kristeena Shirah says:


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