The Community Series: Amanda’s Story- Becoming A Woman Who Chooses to Be Still & Know

Talk about a POWERFUL Series thus far!! If you are just joining us, we are an online community of teen-20something girls empowering & celebrating one another through this Becoming Ministries Blog. This month we are hearing from some truly amazing teen-20something girls (just like you and I), who are sharing their stories on the Woman they want to BECOME- & encouragement on how we can do the same.

Without further delay, this week’s Guest Blogger is one of my dear friends Amanda Eversole. This beauty has such a powerful story & huge call on her life- and I know that her story is going to encourage you. Check out her story below!

Amanda Headshot

Hi friends! I am so thrilled to be with you today, and hope that you will take some time to just sit back, relax & receive what God is saying to us today.

Be Still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Have you ever gotten “too busy” to do something you consider to be important? Your schedule fills up so fast that you forget to just relax, or read that book on your nightstand, or even spend time with God? You’re not alone.
Daily time with God is number one on my list…at least I liked to think. But there were times when I found myself being “too busy”,  and let’s be honest- who ISN’T too busy?! But when my mindset began to think that my schedule was too busy for spending time with the Lord- that time that could have easily been spent with the Lord was quickly (& willingly) filled up by something else month after month. Anyone else been there? It happens without even realizing it, until one day, you are so overwhelmed you want to give up on everything!
This was me last year in December. January came around and the only resolution I had made was to have an intimate relationship with God and to put Him first. I knew that something was missing, and this seemed like being in an intimate relationship with Him was the only goal that was really needed to place everything back into order. 
If you followed along with us, we did a Fast together here at Becoming Ministries for 21 Days for our personal years for 2016. I was doing a fast of television at night, so that I could spend that time with God instead. After the first week, I realized that I was actually filling that time up with many other things; except for God. So I bought a new daily devotional book and promised God that my time first thing in the morning would be His!
As I spent time with God every morning, whether it was 5 mins or an hour, it became time that I looked forward to every day! God made a change in me last month and my relationship with Him grew.
You see when we choose to continue our lives full of business and lacking intimacy with the Lord- peace will not come and remain. Being still is impossible if you’re not standing on a firm foundation. How can we, busy and active teen-20something girls learn how to be still in the midst of life’s circumstances?! By Knowing God. Be still and KNOW.
You see, getting to know God wasn’t a priority- and so I had to do some swimming upstream. I purchased a daily devo and made a firm commitment. And by giving Him that time each morning, He was able to complete His plan that He had and has for me.
be still
Quiet time is a precious commodity. With technology, it seems we are constantly communicating via phone, text or social media. Consider making time to put the electronics down and give yourself the gift of being still. When you use that quiet time to grow closer to God, it  allows you to hear His message for you. You don’t want to miss out on what he has for YOU! 
Sit alone in silence, and the Lord will lay peace on the person who seeks Him. Diligently train yourself to slow down and remain in constant contact with God so he may direct your steps. But you must be mindful to seek Him daily in order to truly understand the path he has planned for you to walk. Pray, then listen closely! His will is not for you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.
You were created to live in peace. To be still and know that He is God over your life and the circumstances that come your way. I was created for this too, but I can’t do it alone. I need other girls in my corner- cheering me own, keeping me accountable, loving me when I feel and even act unlovable. I need a community of girls who are in the same stage of life as me- this young woman stage of life. And THIS is that exact place.
Do you need girls in your corner who not only get you, but empower and encourage you?! Welcome home then, sweet friend. I encourage you to join me, join us, in this growing Online Community. On this Blog you can connect with other girls through Blog Comments, Periscope Videos (& SO SO SO much more coming in 2016). So grab your friends, and join us. Click HERE to subscribe by email to our community (& get a FREE devotional!)
Let’s pray together:
“Lord, in all the busyness we call life, please help us slow down and listen to your command to be still. We know you are our God and will direct us in the path You have set for us. Help us to focus on You everyday and stop making excuses. We love You and thank You for this day. Amen!”
Do you ever find yourself too busy for God?! What encouraged you today to make time for Him, and what steps are you going to take this week to do so?! Let me know by commenting below!

One thought on “The Community Series: Amanda’s Story- Becoming A Woman Who Chooses to Be Still & Know

  1. Rachel Sharpe says:

    This was AMAZING, exactly what I needed today! Thank you Amanda for reminding me of how I need to prioritize my life and put Him first!!

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