Christmas Devo wk3- Steps to Enjoying Christmas in the Midst of Chaos

The time has finally come, Christmas is only a few days away, and whether you’re ready or not… you’ve made it! The month has gone by, most of the Christmas parties have passed, all of the decorations are hung, the gifts are ready to go (at least that’s what you tell people haha) and in a few days all of that hard work will come to it’s culmination.

There is something beautiful about the nearness of Christmas Day, everything seems to slow down a bit and we are left with genuine moments of celebration, moments where memories are made, moments where love is shared and Christ is exalted around the globe… but HOW do we make sure that we actually get to embrace those moments. Soak them up & enjoy them rather than letting them be moments where all of our bottled up stress and emotions finally explode or we retreat to solitude because we are so exhausted?!

Welcome to our Week 3 Christmas Devotional in our series “Discovering The Promise“.

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WEEK 3- Steps To Enjoying Christmas in the Midst of Chaos (without losing your mind)

We’ve Discovered The Promise of God to be His nearness and faithfulness to us, during our Christmas Devotional Series so far. We’ve learned how His Promise relates to our process, we’ve explored how His Promise affects our reality and now we get to put those things into action- we get to see how the Promise of God can actually help us enjoy these climax days of the Christmas Season!

Because let’s be honest, we don’t want to be that grumpy gal who seems as if she is just DONE with everyone and everything. We want to be present and embrace what God has for us, for our sake and those around us. Let’s look at some practical steps this week on how we can do just that!

  1. Embrace Your Reality

It’s time to hang up the false expectations and the faulty dreams that are preventing us from embracing the actual seasons that we are in. You may not be where you want to be at this point in your life, all of your Holiday lists may not have been completed, the cookies may have not kept their cookie cutter shape… what it your reality this Christmas? It’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and. let. go. Let go of the burden called perfection and realize that where you are is OKAY– and that your only true responsibility right now is to focus your heart and life on Him. Release any shame, any guilt and remind your family that all is well. Messy and all. Because after all, it isn’t about us anyway. Embrace your reality and embrace His grace all the more.

2.  Learn to Laugh It Off

Here’s the truth- you have to learn how to laugh at yourself. Life is too serious, people are too uptight… give. yourself. a. break. There will be many moments throughout the next few days where something might not go the way you had planned it out in your mind, or worked so hard for. But, my sweet friend, it is okay! Laugh it off, enjoy the moment and teach those around you to do the same. I promise you that if you choose to laugh and let go in moments when you COULD overreact, get upset or almost lose your mind… your Christmas will not only be more enjoyable… but you will create memories to be remembered years to come! Also, laughing burns calories.. and Lord knows we need that during the Holidays! ;)

3. Celebrate The “Still” Moments

Christmas actually doesn’t have to be filled with activities that consume every second of our day. Especially as teen-20somethings, we have almost lost the sacredness & refreshment of just being still sometimes. So don’t rush. Just be. Take extra long sips, just sit and spend time with the ones you love, remind your soul what it is all about, enjoy sitting and playing with your children, stay off Social Media for more than an hour… and be intentional in just being present. After all, it’s in the still moments where we actually get to sit back and realize just how blessed we actually are. Your Christmas can be filled with joy, just be still.

4. Intentionally Worship

Your heart will not receive the fullness of God’s promises for you this Christmas unless you choose to Worship Him in the midst of it all. You see, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Him. Celebrating isn’t really Celebrating unless you remind yourself of the true purpose of it all. Read the true Christmas story, attend a local Church Christmas Service, give to someone, sing worship Christmas songs in your living room together… do whatever you have to do to intentionally Worship and exalt the Lord. THAT, above all else will help you enjoy your Christmas! <3

Throughout The Week:

As you choose to enjoy your Christmas this year, practice these practical steps and then take sometime to spend time reading some of God’s word as well! Have a HAPPY, and joyFULL Christmas… because you CAN!

Remember, He is near to you.

Luke 2:1-20; 1 John 5:11; Titus 3:4-7; Psalm 72:22

LETS CHAT BELOW: Have you been overwhelmed this Christmas?! If so, which of the steps above speaks the most to you and why? Are you going to apply them to your life this week?




7 thoughts on “Christmas Devo wk3- Steps to Enjoying Christmas in the Midst of Chaos

  1. lanissareale says:

    I know for me, step #3 is one that I definitely want to put into action more this week. I really get a tad irritated when I look around and everyone in the room is on their phones, but then I get sucked right in haha! I’m a trip. But I so often want to be “occupied” every hour… but being still is SO important. I haven’t been too overwhelmed so far, but I know that God has more He has for me this Christmas. I want to receive it!

    • Janeen says:

      So I would say I have not been overwhelmed this Christmas, much because my teacher schedule allows me to slow down and take a break from work a week before. That being said, I have SO enjoyed #3 as well, being still and enjoying every moment. That is my continued goal throughout the holiday. Making the most of the time spent with people I love. Celebrating every blessing in my life, and thanking God for each one. This slower pace has also led me to #4 as well, spending more time with Jesus. My prayer is that once January comes around, this same peace and simplicity will remain. The good news is Jesus never changes. He’ll be there waiting. 😊♥️ Good word, Lanissa.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    #4 has been my mantra since before thanksgiving and it’s really helped me take a step back and see where I’ve come from since the beginning of 2015 and where and how I want to go in 2016. I totally relate to the peace and tranquility Janeen feels when we apply #4. I think it’s important to slow down and reflect at this time of year because it truly sets up your mentality for the new year. Although I’m beaming with excitement at the thought of what the new year will bring me, I am also very content and ready to embrace whatever God has planned for me! Great stuff, my friend!

    • lanissareale says:

      @Ashleigh! SO GOOD! I love that you are bursting with excitement but yet content with where you are at THIS point in your process as well. I think there is something so powerful about that! I am so proud of you and super stoked for you!! It’s amazing what purpose and freedom can immerse when we set our focus on Him!

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