Relationship with God: how to HEAR (part 2)

The enchanting thing and miracle about a relationship with God is that when you begin, it truly is only the beginning. He has an entire life & eternity in store for us to experience the way we were intended- with Him as the first place in our lives.

Have you ever taken a series of pictures of you and your friends and then scrolled through them afterward in anticipation to see how they turned out?! And as you scrolled through those recent snapshots of your life, your eyes most likely immediately went to your face first when you were scrolling. Did your smile look good enough, was your pose too weird?! We tend to like to make sure we look good first, before we shift our focus to the others in the shot. Why? Because our main focus is, well, on us. And since our focus is on us, we tend to be our own worst critique- and while the bigger picture around us is SO GOOD our focus is only on… us.


The second part to this ‘Relationship with God: How To ‘series is about, learning how to hear from God. How do we hear from God? By shifting our focus off our ourselves, and onto Him. Because it is when we learn how to not only say we believe in Him, but truly give ourselves to a relationship with Him that we experience the fullness of what He has in store for us. But how are you supposed to move from simply hearing others talk about what He says, to actually hearing Him yourself!?

Here’s the reality: you were created to hear from God and to know what He sounds like and how to find your way to Him. Why? Because you were created BY Him and for Him. You’re not your own, I’m not my own- and that, sweet girl, is a beautiful thing! Because, I’ll be honest.. I don’t want my life to be all about me. I know my weaknesses far too well, even if I don’t let others see them. I know my limitations deep down, even though culture may try to tell me that I can do it all with just some ambition and no one’s help. God didn’t create us to be self-sustaining or self-focused, He created us to be focused only on one thing- Him.

Some people call dependency on God weakness, some people call it religion, some people even call it a joke. But the people who have truly experienced living life completely in love with God… call it true freedom. And, let me tell you, true freedom is way better than what anyone else will try to sell you.

Hearing from God isn’t spooky; it is the best feeling you will ever feel, the true definition of peace. Hearing from God is our next step in having a Relationship with Him; hearing entails engaging in a relationship WITH God and in turn hearing Him as He guides us.

So let’s get practical. Let’s gain some refreshing steps on how to start hearing from the Lord!

  1. Start shifting your focus onto God, in every area of your life. What is it going to take for you? For some it takes getting involved in small groups, attending women’s ministries and actually becoming a part of the local church. But for all of us, it means starting to consistently read the Word of God so that our filter’s in life begin to mirror scripture. How do you learn what His voice sounds like?! By knowing His character and what He says in scripture.
    1. FUN RESOURCES: The First5app, She Reads Truth app, Church bible reading plans and church podcasts.
  2. Create space in your life, to get alone with the Lord. With noise all around, voices and opinions, we have to get intentional about getting alone with God and being quiet before Him. A relationship is a 2 way street, and if we simply do all the talking and directing. We are missing the point. Find a space & time in your life where you can escape. Maybe its early in the morning, maybe it’s at the park or even right in your closet. Create time, get alone with Him, and get comfortable in His presence. Learn how to wait on Him, get unrushed, and let Him do His thing :).
  3. Start communicating with Him on a regular basis. Don’t be shy, He already knows you from the inside out AND loves you unconditionally (all of you.). What we have to say won’t be a surprise to Him, but what might surprise you is just how close you will become to Him when you begin to intentionally share your heart with Him and willingly let Him into your daily life.
  4. Start serving those around you. Jesus, when on this earth, could have chosen to be served because of who HE was but instead He says that He came to ‘serve”. Ya think serving is important to Him?! OH YEAH! It’s amazing what happens within us when we put ourselves aside, our time and the things we “THINK” are more worth our time, and actually go and serve someone or serve within our local church. If you want to get to the heart of the Lord quickly? Start serving.

And finally, just relax. I love that scripture simply says, “If you seek me with all of your heart, you WILL find me”. Not maybe, not if you come cleaned up enough, not if you’re popular enough. Come as you are, embrace who He is and seek Him with all of your heart. And you WILL find Him.

Your turn: Have you ever thought it weird to hear from God?! How did you learn to hear His voice? Comment below!

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NOW, enjoy one of my favorite songs- sure to encourage you in the journey of learning to hear from the Lord!




7 thoughts on “Relationship with God: how to HEAR (part 2)

    • lanissareale says:

      @kenzelsfire unfortunately that is so true. In this day in age it seems culturally “ungodly” to experience God in a real and practical way… But that is a lie! God came SO THAT we could have a relationship with Him practically! And how great is that! Thanks so much for commenting! I hope you stick around :)

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