Relationship with God : how to BEGIN (part 1)

There are a few things we tend to devout ourselves to: our families, our job, our dreams, our social life… And all of things can be really great in and of themselves, and truly do deserve our best attention, but there will always be a key factor that glues it all together. The thing that gives not only purpose to all that we do, but fulfillment even when we lose everything. This thing is our solid foundation, the thing we can bank it all on and never lose out at the end of the day. This is the thing we were created for, yet so many have distorted it’s purity and power!

This thing is our relationship with God, the One who created us and has a purpose for each of us beyond our wildest dreams. Maybe you’ve already dived into your relationship with Him, maybe you’re still skeptical or maybe, just maybe you’re ready to begin.


In this series, I will be sharing some practical steps in having an effective and “real deal” relationship with God! Part 1: Beginning! PLUS, one of my favorite songs each week that are sure to encourage you!

What is God really after? Does a relationship with God mean that now He is looking at me with a critical filter, is he just looking to see that I do good deeds so that I can make it into heaven one day?! What is this whole thing REALLY about? Because the truth is, it’s gotten a bit mixed up in the past hasn’t it?

A relationship with God entails a lot of surrender and a lot of grace, but it all begins with the heart choice that we choose to make in response to what He has done for us. Sin became apart of our nature from the first decision to disobey God, and with sin comes separation from holiness. And so from the Garden of Eden forth, people had to live with their sinful nature. In order to be forgiven they would have to bring  clean and blameless sacrifices to God as a symbolism of repenting for their sin- and God would forgiven them. However another sin- another sacrifice. And how often do we sin?! That’s a lot of sacrifices!!! But God had a plan.

He had a plan for restoration, because that is the name of His game. And so He descended to earth in human form through His son, and after living a blameless life, He was crucified by His own people. God knew this would happen- it was destined to happen. Because Jesus was the final sacrifice, the perfect blameless sacrifice that would die for all of our sins (past, present and future). He put our sins to death, He got rid of the sinful nature that we are so often trapped in. BUT IT DIDN’T END THERE- He defeated death by raising from the grave again on the 3rd day.

You see, beginning a relationship with God doesn’t have to be fancy and proper and cookie cutter. You can begin your relationship with God by deciding in your heart and then confessing with your mouth that you know you have a sinful nature, but you know what God did on your behalf through Jesus’ sacrifice and you are ready to surrender all of who you are to Him and make God the Lord and Savior of your life!

What’s God really after? Your heart. Surrendering your heart, and all that you are to God and saying I’m done trying to run this show and save myself… that kind of surrender is what Salvation is all about. And through sustaining that surrender, we begin to bear fruit of a person who is set free by the Lord.

Your relationship with God really has nothing to do with other people or what they say about you, but it has everything to do with what you’re willing to surrender to Him. He’s come just for you. He knows you, inside and out. It’s time to lean in and find rest in Him.

Let’s get practical. How can I begin my PERSONAL relationship with God?

  1. Acknowledge what God has done for you through Jesus by declaring that He is your savior and your Lord.
  2. Surrender all that you are (mind, body, soul, heart and actions) to Him. Making Him not only your Savior from your sins, but making Him your Lord. Your first place, driver seat, first point of contact. “I am not my own, I am His”.
  3. Receive your new nature. When Jesus died for you, He also died as you and completely put to death your old nature. The old you before your salvation, and now because of His love and raising again on the 3rd day He has given you a NEW nature. You no longer have to be bound by your self or your past, you are a new creation!
  4. Get baptized– as a symbolism to the world declaring that you are His! Ask your local church about how you can begin this journey to baptism!
  5. Buy in, by getting connected to a group of people who are really living for the Lord or your local church. Because the reality is, having a relationship with God doesn’t make us immune from the world around us. But it gives us security and purpose! We all need people in our corner supporting and empowering us!

IT’S A HAPPY DAY! You just made a decision that you were created to make, beginning your relationship with God! Welcome to the best family ever, and welcome home <3. Stick around for the rest of the series to see how you can continue in your relationship with God! NOW, for some encouragement check out one of my favorite songs below <3

Let’s keep growing! Check out Relationship with God: How To Hear (pt.2) & Relationship with God: How To Thrive (Finale) 




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