She Speaks Conference: wrecked (in the best way)

she speaks

What words can you say to moments that have touched the deepest parts of who you are and the deepest longings in your heart? An experience that wrecked your vision of success?

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to North Carolina for the She Speaks Conference put on by Proverbs31 Ministries and Lysa Terkeurst. A hotel filled with over 800 women from around the world who all had a desire to Speak, Write or Lead- and many of them, including me, preparing to meet with some of the largest Christian Publishers in the business! Women from all stages of life, yet there for one purpose- Him.

I have never experienced anything like I did at this conference. A hotel full of WOMEN and no competition anywhere to be found. Instant friendships that you knew would last a lifetime, and always sitting next to a woman who you knew “got you” even before you introduced yourself. There is something miraculous that happens when women get together and worship Him, when you are surrounded by people of like minds and goals, and when you feel “right where you belong”. This, is She Speaks Conference.

The night before Pre-Conference I attended a small dinner of FB women and instantly became long-time friends with 8 other women. I continued to meet so many friends, I learned a tremendous amount in all of the workshops & main sessions and so enjoyed having a week of celebrating the dreams He had placed in my heart.

I got to meet with 2 of the largest Christian Publishing Houses: HarperCollins and Worthy Publishing, and was so grateful to receive encouraging advice on how to move forward as well as making personal connections with both editors! This Conference was truly, exactly what my heart needed. Encouragement, next steps, new friendships and dream affirmers. BUT in the midst of all the excitement, in the midst of all the cute outfits, laughing encounters and information overload days…. the Lord had a much larger plan, as He always does. In the midst of all the information, He was whispering 2 constant sweet things to my heart. And when He speaks, we want to listen!

1) Your first step is to be with me

We can so easily get in ruts, so easily become overwhelmed with knowing the dreams He has given us but not knowing exactly where to begin or where to go next. But He knows. He knew my desire to write and disciple Women before I was even aware of it. He knows the desire you have to influence people, to create that idea, to be the best mommy to your kiddos. He created that dream, He placed that desire and He is faithful. But we miss out on the whole point of it all, when we separate ourselves from being with Him. When we get so focused on creating this, or bettering that or designing something fantastic yet forgetting to focus it all on Him. Before we can lead others, before we can make God-sized dreams a reality- we have to make the constant decision to, first and foremost, be with Him. It’s when we give everything, every fiber of our being over to Him, that dreams and so much more begin to become a reality. I know that my heart needed to hear that. And I know that some of yours do as well.

2) It’s all about serving Him

No matter what I do, no matter how big my platform gets, no matter how many books I sell or messages I preach, it all is fleeting. If at the end of the day we have accomplished so much and yet our hearts were more focused on us than Him- we have missed it. You see, we were created for more than just success. We were created for progress, for life full of abundance, for joy overflowing and peace in the storms. We were created for Him. And our best work, our best progress is truly only found in one place. At the foot of the cross. I so long to live a life where I teach women how to lead themselves to His presence, to live a life completely full and overflowing with Him and all that He is. But at the core of who I am, if nothing else ever transpires, I want to serve Him. To Love Him and be loved by Him. This is what we were really created for, and the reality is that the dreams He gave us were never intended to come before Him. Wherever you are, whatever you have stored up in your heart… if all the decorations were stripped away what would be left? Brokenness, selfish desires… or Him? Let Him have it all, my friend. His hands are, after all, the safest place to be. What we think we know about what’ best for our lives truly gets wrecked (in a good way) when we set our focus on Him.

Be encouraged dear friend, we were made for more. More of God, more of life and more of ourselves. We were made to be with Him and THEN to serve Him- we were made for Him. What words can you give to an experience that reaches into your soul and affirms HIM instead of yourself? What word can I use to describe this life full of dreams, progress and fulfillment?

One word only. Becoming.

Stay tuned, as I reveal the dream He has placed in me for the woman longing for more of Him. A dream that I pray will only serve to bring others closer to Him. To bring YOU closer to Him in your own unique way. #thebecomingreveal coming August 2015.

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8 thoughts on “She Speaks Conference: wrecked (in the best way)

  1. blog8628 says:

    We were made for more than just success! Amen! Praying for you as you seek His wisdom and guidance for your next steps! #livefree

  2. blog8628 says:

    We were made for more than just success! Amen! Praying for you as you seek His wisdom and guidance for your next steps!

  3. sweetjesusministries says:

    I did not get the pleasure of meeting you in NC, so Hi from Texas. I posted today and reading yours was the SAME feeling I got at the conference. I told a friend I wanted to bottle the conference up and do one at my church…sort of a booster shot so to speak. Looking forward to reading what God has you dreaming about.

    • lanissareale says:

      Hi! I’m so glad we got to meet on here despite missing each other in NC! That sounds like a wonderful idea! There was so much, and so many ideas sprinting through my brain that I definitely need to organize all those thoughts :) Thank you, I hope you’ll stick around to see what #thebecomingreveal is all about :)

      Love, L.

  4. Bonnie Newcity Reale says:

    We are so happy for you, you are the meaning of “Blessed”, words cannot describe how wonderful it is to have you as our daughter, we are truly “Blessed”, and we thank him for you everyday if not every hour of the day. Big SMILES, Love you

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