Becoming- The Event That Started It All


Every girl, no matter how old, faces the same daunting questions… who am I?  am I really worth anything? what am I supposed to become? does anyone care?

When the Lord put a dream in my heart for Becoming, I had no earthly idea how much He truly had in store for this night. A sanctuary filled with Middle & High School girls, with mani/pedi stations, a photo booth, a scrub making station, a frame decorating station (to later be filled with photo booth pictures), a game table, movies, christmas lights, many flowers and chalkboards and tool hanging on the ceiling. I had a dream of a night specifically for Christwalk girls, where they would walk into a completely transformed sanctuary and immediately their walls would be let down. A dream where they would feel beautiful, relax and be creative and then sit down to hear some truth. Some truth about becoming, in this case, a modest woman.

10532350_10204370446284000_767426191276587343_n10403004_10204384056944258_7051805313352668560_nI shared my heart with these ladies, as with you today, on just how much you are worth! Worth literally everything to the creator of the world, that He would give up His life for you. Giving you a new blameless life! You are now the temple of the Holy Spirit, where he presence of God used to dwell in only a small room, He now dwells in you. Closer than your next breath. So in respect to God, knowing we are worth this much, how do we respond? By respecting ourselves; caring and cherishing who we are and who lives inside of us. Who set us free! Modesty. Being modest in all that we do, the way we dress and the way that we post. Not boring, grungy, or out of fashion. But honoring your bodies and the God who lives inside of you, AND dressing in a way that doesn’t give the entire mystery of you are away in a second. We deserve to be timeless, classy and to stand out in the most honorable way! The most beautiful people I know, are modest women. Modest is, of course, hottest!

“What you put on your body talks, and everyone who sees you hears what you are saying”

Free “modesty tip” books were given out, a fashion show of immodest vs. modest outfits was had, small groups took place and even 3 salvations! Talk about a dream come true! :) A dream that He anointed and brought to life! But what does it all truly mean?

Becoming is not simply an event, it is a life process. It is our process, as ladies, becoming into the woman of God that He has created us to be. It is beauty, and transformation, discipleship and potential to have and to hold all that God intended for us to.

Becoming is developing into the woman that you dream of, the woman who lives an abundant life full of joy, strength and His love. Becoming the you, you were destined to be.

Do you want to join in on the beautiful journey to the King, where you slowly and sweetly become His bride? Sound intriguing? It is not only a dream for Christwalk girls, it is a dream I was given for all of us! So join me! Lets join in together, hand in hand and heart in heart. With no condemnation but rather all the grace of the Cross, to become. Arise, step out, and flourish.

We, ladies, are Becoming!



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